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About Anitra

“To optimize the value chain of livestock for the benefit of all the stakeholders with bias towards Farmers"

Anitra through the process of unique identification and certified traceability facilitates, a fair value for livestock through a scientific mechanism that helps in the monetization of livestock of Indian farmers, who normally have small herd size and does not follow a system of systematic record keeping.

Anitra assists farmers in the monetization of animals at doorstep, providing ease and best value for livestock. Anitra brings best practices in Livestock Maintenance, Transport, and Logistics increasing farmers profits.

Why Anitra ?

Anitra – Online Livestock marketplace, enables farmers to monetize their livestock and attain, better value for livestock through our livestock services to the farmers.

Anitra was founded with the aim of providing farmers with a fair and efficient way to monetize livestock. The company's unique business model allows farmers to monetize their livestock right from their doorsteps, as well as provide them with verified information about the livestock.

Since its inception, Anitra has helped farmers across the country to get the best value for their livestock. We provide all the required assistance for the monetization of livestock. Our team is committed to provide the best service to farmers.

First of its Kind in Full stack Livestock Monetization

Block chain Enabled

AI Enabled Market Value

Door Step Livestock Services

Logistics Services as per Animal welfare board and PETA guideline.

Assisting better information about Feed and nutrition.

Optimum value addition for the Livestock

Our Services

Monetization of livestock

Online Livestock Marketplace provides you full stack livestock services giving Anitra farmers, advantage over conventional farmers.

Livestock Tracebility

Livestock value addition for accurate and comprehensive details of livestock, verified and updated with personal assistance to the farmer.

Health Assistance

Anitra provides direct health assistance to the farmer, for livestock disease, vaccinations & creating an hygiene environment for livestock.

Feed & Nutrition

Livestock Feed and Nutrition requirements will be facilitated at Anitra with original livestock products from livestock nutrition.


Livestock transportation for monetization purpose, by providing 100% safety and affordability for the farmers at their door step.

Impact / Solution

Doorstep Monetization Services

Farmers & Traders can easily monetize their livestock by elminating the middle man & giving the best price for their livestock.

Livestock Logistics

Livestock transportation by Anitra logistics services gives complete safety for livestock.

Livestock Health Assistance

In Anitra, farmers can raise the health assistance request for the livestock & get the required support from a expert veterinary doctor.

Livestock Traceability

Anitra provides personal assistance for adding, updating & verifying livestock details.

Best Quality & Verified

Anitra marketplace provides complete & the verified information of the livestock, before monetization

Fast Process

Anitra provides easy & immediate access to monetization of the livestock without any hassle for the farmer.

Health tips & Updates

Anitra provides livestock health tips & news updates to increase awareness regarding livestock diseases & vaccinations

End-to-End livestock Services

Anitra provides comprehensive livestock-related services for the maintenance and monetization of livestock.

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Install your mobile livestock market now, and get started with your livestock monetization. Now, farmers & traders get the best value for their livestock with doorstep services from Anitra, eliminating middlemen, long travels, and waiting periods, etc. All livestock monetization services are in one place now. We bring Livestock traceability, Veterinary care, logistics support, and Feed & Nutrition supply to help farmers, making livestock monetization simple & easy.

Download app now for easy and swift livestock monetization.

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