Anitra, a full-stack livestock company, that monetizes your livestock by providing end-to-end services, we provide monetization of livestock, Animal Traceability, Health Assistance, Feed & Nutrition, Logistics for easy & effective monetization of livestock. Get the best price for your livestock with top-quality, verified animals, at Anitra Marketplace.

Monetization of livestock

Farmers & traders can easily monetize their livestock through Anitra app. We provide a variety of services for ease of monetization and maintenance of livestock. Our Livestock Monetization without middlemen, can get the farmers, accurate and best price for livestock with complete verified details of the livestock.

Livestock Traceability

Get comprehensive details of the livestock, with our livestock traceability service. You can track the history of the livestock from its birth, with accurate & verified information, farmers & traders can access livestock details, for eg. vaccinations, diseases, age, number of births, and milking capacity, etc. before monetization and can get the best price for their livestock.

Health Assistance

Anitra provides complete health assistance for your livestock, farmers can raise a “ Health Assistance” request as per their livestock health requirements and resolve livestock health issues. You get regular livestock news and updates, for awareness of livestock nutrition, diseases, prevention, cure & maintenance of the livestock in a hygienic environment.

Feed & Nutrition

Anitra supplies, livestock feed, and nutrition products to the farmers for the nourishment of the livestock. Farmers can raise the request and get the original livestock nutritional & feed products from certified livestock product companies. livestock's nutritional health maintenance will keep the livestock healthy and free from diseases.


Anitra provides doorstep logistics services for easy and effective livestock transportation, providing safe passage for livestock monetization. Our comprehensive and affordable modes of livestock transportation reduce the cost, time, and effort to monetization for livestock.

Download Anitra

With the Anitra app, you can easily monetize your livestock across the country. As Anitra offers a number of livestock services, to make your livestock business easier, by providing services including Livestock monetization, animal traceability, logistics, health assistance, and feed & nutrition supply. Download the Anitra app now and experience, how Anitra can change the way you do livestock monetization!

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